Red Weather Warning

A red weather warning doesn't have to be a bad thing! When the Beast from the East came to Glasgow, skiers Mark Donnelly and Lewis Doherty turned the streets into their playground.

Lewis is currently Freestyle Captain for Strathsnow, Strathclyde University's Snowsports Club. He said:

"It was mental to be skiing in Glasgow, especially the city centre and Kelvingrove Art Gallery. It was easy when it came to finding rails because over the past couple of years we've always looked at spots and thought if there was enough snow it would be sick to ski there.

"I'd say the hardest part is when somebody has to guinea pig the rail first. It makes you shite your pants a little. The best part about it all had to be the random punters walking about Glasgow who didn't quite have a clue what we were doing and why. A couple of people even stayed and watched with a drink. We were happy to provide the entertainment!"

Lewis's ski buddy Mark Donnelly won two awards in the Planks Grassroots video competition this season with the edit below: best GoPro edit and best UK edit. Check out his videos on Instagram @killamuffin_