Game 3 || Henrik Harlaut vs. Emil Granbom || Slvsh Cup Grandvalira

One of the biggest names in freestyle skiing makes his SLVSH debut, definitely one to watch

SLVSH return to Grandvalira in Andorra for another star-studded competest unlike any other. The game, (adapted from the basketball game horse for the uninitiated) involves two skiers going head to head, calling tricks one by one. The first rider to miss five tricks, spelling out SLVSH one letter at a time, loses the game.

This freeski competition brings us some insane trick combinations, and this is one of the best with Swedish legend making his debut against fellow countryman Email Granbom. And just to up the ante, it’s all taking place in the Sunset Park which is named in Henrik’s honor. We won’t spoil the results but it’s definitely one of the best!