Line-S Team Trip

This season Line-S headed to the Alps to sponsor rail jam and race events in your favourite resorts!

It dumped it down in Val Thorens but that didn’t stop racers competing for glory in near white-out conditions. The heavy snow didn’t hold back the crowds either, who kept themselves warm with plenty of van chaud, barbecued snacks and dancing on the piste. 

Over in Tignes, we caught up with Bath Spa who joined us on a backcountry adventure to demo some PFD skis, finding the fluffiest powder possible off-piste. Also bringing the heat off-piste were Sussex Snow, who we captured throwing large shapes off rock lips and ridges. 

Tignes hosted our first rail jam event where students threw down their favourite stunts during a bouncing après session in the middle of town. Keep your eyes peeled for kilts, penguin dives and spectacular crashes.

Well done to all the medal winners from our first series of Line-S Games, you smashed it. We’ll see you all in Easter!