Holy Guacamole, SLVSH is back with a bang!

If there is one type of competition in freeskiing right now that we can all relate to, it’s SLVSH. There is nothing more enjoyable than trying new tricks in the park with your mates.

However relatable the sentiment is, the technicality and progression shown in these online duels consistently leaves us dumbfounded. The level of all these battles is incredible, but every now and then there is one that stands out. One game that springs to mind is one from 2015, when bright-eyed rookie Evan McEachran took down freestyle heavyweight Russ Henshaw in Perisher, the game was so long it went for two days. Since then there have been a handful of standout games, and earlier this week we were served another juicy helping of progression.

In this Scandinavian showdown, rail wizard Jesper Tjader and Emil Granbom push each other to new heights. This is certainly the longest game of SLVSH in recent memory, the video file alone is over 26 minutes. What a way to start the SLVSH Cup Grandvalira, if upcoming games are anywhere near this standard, it’s going to be a sweet competition.

So, kick back, relax, put the assignment on hold for 26 hot minutes and enjoy some video-game skiing madness.

ALL IN Trailer

The legendary Matchstick Productions have a new ski movie ready to drop in the UK on November 2nd 2018. This film promises to be another classic with stunning imagery and quirky humour that takes inspiration from previous Matchstick films. The cast has an equal amount of men and women riding across the world. As the production explain: “This isn’t your typical ‘Women can Shred too” movie, this is a kick-ass ski film that just happens to feature as many women as men.” This will certainly be one of the movies this winter to watch out for!

If you want tickets to the UK Premier head to the Ski Club GB event page!