Read the Paralympic issue of Ski+board online now!

Our older siblings over at the Ski Club of Great Britain have just published their latest magazine online, discover it here:

Ever wanted to know whether package holidays or booking independently is actually cheaper? Or what it’s like to see like Menna Fitzpatrick?  Or even how you can cram a full skiing holiday in the Alps into one weekend?

The April issue of Ski+board, the Ski Club’s magazine, has answers to it all.

There’s plenty of Paralympic gossip, including full profiles of the Paralympians, a break down of their sports and a schedule with all the info on where and when to watch them. We’ve also included the links for each athletes social media (you’re welcome) from race prep to celebrations.  

But enough about other people’s skiing. Ever wondered if budget hunts for cheap flights plus extras is worth it? Or whether it’s cheaper to sack off the faff and go for a package? We put two writers head to head to fight it out.

Plus we try to get the most out of holiday for the year by hitting the slopes over the weekend. Mountains in 48 hours? Completed it mate.

There’s also reviews of apps and gadgets to help you use your phone to it’s full potential on the hill, resorts with slopes for everyone, from you to your granny, and loads of awesome photographs with killer stories to match.