Top Five Summer Ski Videos

No snow? No problem. This summer skiers have found all sorts of awesome ways keep their planks busy. Here are our favourite pieces of summer ski footage.

Candide Thovex - The Wave

Last January the French freestyle legend broke the internet with his mind blowing Ski The World video made with Audi, which left many questioning its authenticity. In The Wave, we got a sneak peek into how he actually pulled it off, and our bewildered questions of HOW have been (partly) answered. It turns out, despite being a three-time X Games gold medallist, he doesn’t always make everything look so easy.

Yes, we saw a perfect run along the slippery bricks of the Great Wall of China, down volcanic ash and huge desert dunes, cruising past the Maasai tribes in East Africa, before getting a chairlift through the Jamaican jungle… and that’s only mentioning a few of the highlights.

But when learning to ride waves, usually the bigger the surface area of a board, the better. But hey, maybe Faction’s Candide 2.0 All Mountain Skis might do the trick on your next surf trip?

This summer’s video lets us in on the behind-the-scenes clips – hours of (possibly) blood, plenty of sweat and maybe a few tears – before he mastered riding the wave. With the use of mechanical tow-ins, surfboard-assisted launches and modified Faction skis he was away, and to be honest – I never thought I’d see someone backflip a wave. Flippen’ell.

So what we know is that Candide loves the element of surprise… but what will be next? I’m intrigued.

 Jesper Tjader - CopenHill

As one of Europe’s flattest countries, the thought of skiing in Denmark probably hadn’t crossed your mind. Copenhagen is, however, bidding to become the first carbon neutral city, and they’re doing a fantastic job. With glaciers melting and winter weather unpredictable due to global warming, more cities should follow suit.

Built on the slanting roof of the futuristic waste-to-energy plant is CopenHill’s 500-metre artificial ski slope. The idea is to combine nature with the man-made, and buildings with the mountains in an inherently flat country. The artificial slope made of Neveplast is five vibrant shades of green – a message of sustainability from one of the most technically advanced waste management centres.

In this video, the slope becomes Swedish freestyle skier, Jesper Tjäder’s playground. As he cruises through smoke machines, he uses two trampolines to spring into a backflip, incorporating features protruding from the building as well as snivelling across rails and boxes as he descends.

Booking a weekend away to Copenhagen? CopenHill is a 10-minute drive from the central train station or a 15-minute cycle through Christianshavn. Once you’ve taken the lift to the top, the 90-metre-high building offers unbeatable views over the city and Oresund Strait.

After shredding up the slope, you can tackle the 85-metre-high climbing wall on the outside of the building, take in the views on the hiking trail… or have a drink at the après ski bar!

 Line Skis - Water Skiing on the Matterhorn

Not quite what you picture when your mate asks if you want to go water skiing? Clearly the Line riders weren’t put off by melting snow, slush and ice, taking the opportunity to ski downstream. If you’ve ever entered a pond skim competition (and didn’t win), you’ll know that the landing may be soft, soaking and rather embarrassing.

As the skiers follow the gushing water down the Zermatt side of the Matterhorn glacier, there are iconic shots of the 4,478 metre-high Matterhorn poking out the top. Will Wesson, Fabian Bösch and Sämi Ortleib are among the freestylers that front flip into the water, 180 into riding switch down the narrow entries, jib off the stream’s sides and get knee-deep in flowing water.

I reckon those boys had some seriously stinky boots after an afternoon of glacier shredding.

AUDI NINES A9 Mixtape Vol. III - Ladies

Ah, the highlights from Audi Nines – one of the most progressive competitions with the gnarliest tricks – 2019 saw David Wise set the highest air record in a ski quarter pipe at 11.7 metres and was the first year the girls had a separate course built.

While we talk girl power, the ladies competition was set to be held in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, dubbed the Diamond of the Alps, with their course shaped by the all-female Diamond Girls Crew. The only girl shaping crew in the Alps, and quite possibly the world, got creative. Unfortunately, due to poor weather the ladies competition had to go ahead in Sölden.

An epic video showcases some of the finest women skiers and boarders from around the world, including Austrian snowboarder Anna Gasser, Swiss freestyle skier Mathilde Gremaud and Japanese snowboarder Yuka Fujimori, who took home gold.

Faction - The Collective

Coming out this Autumn, we’re extremely excited to see the second full-feature film from the Faction Collective and Red Bull Media House. Following Faction’s talented skiers to some of the best ski locations around the world, together they adventure to undiscovered peaks, stage midnight jams on urban features and cruise through fresh pow.

As expected there are smooth trick executions off large kickers and urban features as well as epic powder runs down steep mountain faces, fluffy powder shots through the trees and powder pillows on cliff drops.

Don’t miss the UK premieres, starting with Gloucester on 9th October, Bath on 24th October and London on 30th October. More dates can be found here and our big brother Ski Club will also be hosting a screening so keep an eye out for details to come…

I think what I have concluded from watching these epic ski videos, is that us avid skiers will do virtually anything to click into our bindings and make the most of what we have – whether it’s an artificial ski slope, a wave or a slushy stream on a glacier – I nearly tried the nearest waterpark. But I didn’t. That would be foolish and I definitely don’t have the steez to do a Candide.