Planks Grassroots Finale

We asked Planks what went down at the Ski and Snowboard festival, here’s the update…

Planks Clothing took over the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival 2019 with some serious stunts, good vibes, our brand new AW19 clothing range, loose dance-offs and the best pre-season after-party a ski bum could ever dream of.

We wrapped up what was arguably the best #PlanksGrassroots Tour to date on Mt. Battersea in London this year at the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Festival which became the epicentre of the UK freestyle ski scene for the weekend.



We continuously strive to give back to a community that love skiing as much as we do. We believe there is a huge talent pool currently emerging from thriving freeski scenes at local slopes and resorts around the world. To honour our own heritage and show our commitment to the future of skiing, we want to take the time to nurture, share and celebrate this talent. Our Grassroots programs have been built to engage with young people and get them more involved in freeskiing.

Our Grassroots events create a super-inclusive environment where local riders can ski with world-class athletes, inspiring them for years to come. But most importantly they bring people together and help create a stronger community of skiers.

Over the last month, we have been visiting some of the best indoor snowdomes and dryslopes that the
UK (and Denmark) have to offer with our Grassroots Tour. We had a killer line up of athletes with us this year including Planks Pro Team rider Lupe Hagearty and Line Skis’ Will Wesson and Kevin Salonius who were all on hand to hand out trick tips and throw down! Each event ends with a jam format competition with prizes available for all those who entered as well as a wild card slot for one rider per tour to compete in the finals at the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival!



Sunday at the Ski and Snowboard Festival saw the UK’s best skiers assemble on Mt. Battersea, for the grand final of the 2019 Planks Grassroots Tour. We had a squad of the UK’s top dogs in the game, then our wild card entries from each stop of the tour, including 9-year-old Deja Parker, AKA Pocket Rocket, from Scotland.

We had Woodsy on the mic to present the event, hype up the crowd and throw out some Planks swag to the sea of ski festival-goers. There was talk of crowd surfing, but Woodsy is used to powder under his feet, not people.


After a few warm-up runs, the skiers got down to business. The format was a head-to-head knockout, which meant anything could happen! As things kicked off we saw some mind-bending airborne trickery. Straight out of the gate, Mason Ferebee went for a serious gamble with a double front-flip and a stomp that had Big Ben wobbling in its boots. Justin Taylor-Tipton was doing backflips with his eyes closed, Tom Greenway was taking a leaf from Woodsy’s book with double tail cork 720s and Kirsty Muir was giving all the guys a run for their money. Kirsty Muir went head-to-head with a Mike Rowlands. Both launched huge 720s of Mt. Battersea, that were executed perfectly, which left the judges in one seriously sticky situation. The crowd screamed louder for Kirsty, but in the end, the judges went for Mike.


Young-gun Deja Parker was launching stylish superman front-flips and rocking a smile bigger than the jump, making him a real crowd-pleaser throughout. Talking of Scottish talent, Chris McCormick was spinning the most effortless truck driver cork 900s London has ever seen, making it clear that he was on a mission for the top spot. However, towards the final heats, it was anyone’s game who was going to take the win. After the finals, we were left with Justin Taylor-Tipton, Tom Greenway and Chris McCormick, but the spectators were left guessing who had claimed the title of Planks Grassroots Tour king for 2019, as everyone was ushered inside for the awards ceremony.

Before we got to see who had won the Planks Grassroots Tour Final on Mt. Battersea, the winners of the Planks Grassroots Photo & Video Competition were announced on the big screen upstairs in the bar…


Planks Grassroots Photo Competition

This year we had an avalanche of sick pics for the photo competition, so we can only imagine it was difficult to pick this year’s winners.

Best Park:

Luke Andrews

Best Freeride:

Andy Lloyder

Most Stoked:

David Gornall

Planks Grassroots Video Competition

The video completion was once again flooded with British talent, proving that for a nation with none or little real skiing, we are certainly becoming a force not to be reckoned with in the sport. We had edits purely filmed in the UK, but we also had the largest volume of mind-melting mountain madness.

Best UK Edit:

1st - Tyler Nichols-Stubbington

2nd - Row Emery

3rd - Max Rye

Best U16 Edit:

1st - Kirsty Muir

2nd - Tyler Nichols-Stubbington

3rd - Luke Burke

Best Female Edit:

1st - Kirsty Muir

2nd - Maya Gordon

3rd - Olivia Burke

Best Film & Edit:

1st Lukas Hotcher

2nd Pierre Émile Rochat

3rd Max Rye

Best Trick:

1st - Tyler Nichols-Stubbington (450 pretzel


2nd - Kirsty Muir (switch misty)

3rd - Tom Greenway (triple cork)

Best Overall:

1st - Chris McCormick

2nd - Justin Taylor-Tipton

3rd - Tom Greenway

Planks Grassroots Tour Final

1st - Chris McCormick

2nd - Mike Rowlands

3rd - Justin Taylor-Tipton

So that’s a wrap! We will be back next year for another round of Planks Grassroots and we expect it to be bigger and better than ever. We’re going be cranking up the dials once again throughout the Winter season to support grassroots skiing all around the world. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, we’re all skiers here. Peace, love and powder turns. Bring on Planks Grassroots 2020!