Shred Ski introduce a ski holiday for graduates

Not going back to Uni this Autumn? Shred Ski have a little idea up their sleeve.

September. The time of year when you gather together the car full of stuff that amounts to all your worldly possessions, mentally prepare yourself for freshers and try to persuade your parents to do a big Tesco run for you. Or at least, it used to be. Now, it would read more accurately:

September. Grad panic.

While sat at your new desk in your new life as a qualified professional, the whole year can seem like it stretches out in front of you. Commutes, water cooler small-talk and trying to shake the student overdraft is the name of the game for the foreseeable future. While this isn’t always music to a recent grad’s ears, there is at least something to look forward to, in the immortal words of Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming”.

But, without the comfort in the knowledge that your university ski trips just around the corner, the panic of not knowing how you will get your next snow fix may be setting in. Uni trips represented the best of times - the piste, the pints, and the feeling of total freedom before exam season took hold. Without any of that to look forward to this season, how will you cope?


Assuming you have opted for a week with your friends over one with your family, Shred Ski have taken the liberty of outlining the three main options for independent ski travel this season on a graduate budget. Because, while you may be earning your way now, rent and student loans don’t pay themselves.

The budget chalet experience

The budget chalet or apartment option is a well-trodden road from student skiing to adult life and a great solution for smaller groups. There are some cracking last-minute deals, particularly if you’re willing to cook for yourself, and if anyone knows how to squeeze a few extra people on a sofa to save money, it’s recent grads.

If the weight of your student loan is playing on your mind, tapping into the network of seasonnaire mates may even reveal the golden sofa or blow up mattress perfect for a solo traveller on a shoestring budget. If you’re not looking for a week of socialising, and you’re content partying as a small group and munching baguettes for lunch every day, then this could be the option for you.

The big-name festival

What about the main event of uni trips? The headline act, and the 500-person deep après sing along?

An experience like this takes some beating, but the mountain festivals try their best. Led by Snowbombing (celebrating 20 years this winter), expect jam-packed line ups and more beer pèche/vin chaud/schnapps than you can shake a ski pole at. Spread throughout the season, it shouldn’t be hard to find one that fits with your squad holiday plans.

However, huge acts and even bigger production often comes at a price that is less than appealing. And like all festivals, they sell out fast, and in-resort spending at Glasto prices could force a relapse to the student diet and see you fall down a slippery slope into your overdraft.

Snowbombing © Faceboook

Snowbombing © Faceboook

Is there a happy medium?

How about something bigger than a chalet holiday that comes with more than just the skiing, at an affordable price? Until now, there was nothing.

Enter Shred Ski. Built on the university model, but improved for the graduate market. It takes the best parts of uni trips, and makes the shit bits better; uniting snow lovers for the perfect blend of world-class resorts, unique events and parties, all for a wallet friendly price tag.

For just £299, you can unite with an army of snow worshippers for a week of first lifts to last orders this January in Avoriaz. Here’s a taste of what to expect:

So whether you’re a uni trip veteran or missed out during your studies, if your squad wants a week of the best skiing out there tailored to the graduate market, SHREDS could be the perfect solution.

Check out their socials for details of their Autumn series of events in the UK, put together to give a flavour of what they’re cooking up in resort come January 2019. Find them on Facebook and Instagram too.