Strap on your skis and slap on the suncream, Easter skiing is here!

Dissertations are in, Easter holidays have started, and the coaches are on the way to the Alps. Here’s the good news – the snow’s not gone anywhere!

Thursday night saw a light dusting, though the last two weeks have continued to prove this really is the winter to remember snow falling well into March. For anyone who remembers the pistes disappearing under your skis when you were out last Easter, you can set your mind at ease this time around! While there’s nothing huge on the horizon, the snow may well make a guest appearance on Saturday and Sunday to keep all the slopes on point.

If you’ve had enough of the beast from the east, the mini beast from the east and the soon to arrive beast from the northeast, we’ve also got more good news - the sun is well and truly out! Webcams from Tignes, Val Thorens, Les Arcs and almost anywhere you want to look are showing beautiful sun to enjoy those well-earned beer pêches under. Put away those thermals and jackets, don those spring hoodies and prepare to work on your goggle tans.

If you’re skiing down in our favourite tax haven of Andorra, we’ve got even more good news. The snow gods seem to have got their months mixed up, delivering all the snow that was expected in January in the past two weeks! Not only that, they’ve somehow even managed to time the snow to fall almost exclusively at night, with sunny most of the time! The forecasts show one last weekend’s snowfall tomorrow with the potential for up 20cm to welcome the arrival of those Easter groups before it starts to warm up over the next week.

Happy shredding!