The Beast from the East forgot about the Alps

The Beast from the East is causing carnage in the UK with a whole 10cm of snow bringing us some cool urban skiing opportunities! The same cannot be said for the Alps however...

After the year starting with more snow than you can shake a stick at, the Alps have taken it down a notch. The weather gods have acknowledged that snow envy does not help procrastination levels, and you've got plenty in the UK to keep you distracted from essay deadlines. As such, none of the big resorts in France are reporting high levels of fresh snowfall, mostly single digits if anything at all. And for anyone thinking it’s been cold in England this week, come back to us once you’ve experienced -25C on the Tignes glacier!

The combination of no snow and low temperatures has left the slopes harder than a final year physics exam, so maybe not the best time for those 120mm underfoot planks that were marketed as all mountain skis. The good news is the days are warming up, and snow’s on the way! Les 2 Alps and Alpe d’Huez are looking set for a decent dump early next week, while others are set for heavy snow coming down Friday evening, potentially between 30-50cm if we’re lucky.

Andorra continues to deliver the goods, with 20cm coming down over Pas de la Casa on Thursday, and the potential for fresh snowfall next Friday.