How to Survive a Whiteout

This year the Alps has seen a record amount of snowfall, but you don't get base levels like this without enduring a few snow days. It's disappointing when you draw the curtains to a wall of white instead of a bluebird sky, but there are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained...

Have a movie day

For those of you that haven’t watched every ski film known to man, here’s your chance to educate yourself on all of the greatest. From every episode of the Line Travelling Circus to Shane McConkey, Paddy Graham and lesser-known Gpsyfeelin, you’ll be craving a bluebird powder day once the weather has cleared.

Make an igloo

With heaps of fresh snow, it is the perfect time to create an igloo. All you need is a few labourers to put in a few hours of graft. What’s more, your drinks will be kept chilled and your new igloo is the perfect set-up for a couple of cheeky bevvies with pals.

So what if it's a whiteout? Photo: Jonny Cass

So what if it's a whiteout? Photo: Jonny Cass

Build a booter

Once the visibility is better and you can actually see a metre or more in front of you, this is the perfect opportunity to practise your park tricks with an ultra-soft landing. Even if it's out the back of your apartment, all you need is a shovel and some friends to build up a little kicker, and the jibbing can commence.

Drink beer(s)

Lifts shut? Well then, once you’ve finished your movie marathon you may as well head down to après – and chances are everyone else has had the same idea. This might lead to a rather raucous afternoon but who’s complaining? Time well spent we say.

Low light lens

A lens designed specifically for low light conditions is a lifesaver for those days were visibility is shocking and you can barely see the piste markings. Although they are not going to be as efficient as a pair of night vision goggles in the dead of night, they should help.  Look for lenses with high contrast or goggles specifically for flat light conditions. 

No Visibility? No problem. Whip out the low-light lenses to extend your field of vision. Beer optional

No Visibility? No problem. Whip out the low-light lenses to extend your field of vision. Beer optional

Stick to the trees

If you do venture out on to the mountain, it's a good idea to ski amongst the trees. They will help you see where you are going and prevent you from skiing off into the abyss. If there aren't any trees, be careful to stay within the piste markers and never ski down closed pistes.

Have a spa day

Nothing soothes aching muscles like a day of rest and relaxation in the spa, whether it’s a massage, steam room or jacuzzi. If the pennies are tight then a hot bubble bath will do! Instead of splashing your money on ten overpriced beers at aprés, make your body a temple and invest in some self-care.

Get an early night

If the forecast says it’s going to clear in the morning, then you’ll want to be up early so you can be the one carving the first tracks. Make the most of good conditions and treat yourself to a hangover-free day of shredding!