How to Boss Spring Skiing

Ok people, we’re approaching March and that beautiful time known as ‘spring skiing’ is upon us. Spring skiing, you ask? Essentially, it’s a somewhat polite way of describing the conditions at this time of the year.

It roughly translates to some absolute rippers in the morning, a soggy afternoon in slush and an early finish at 3.30pm for a solid après session, so that you can be tucked up in bed by 9pm ready to do it all over again the next morning. To nail spring skiing, we have a few tips (of course you could look at this like a spring skiing bible, as our word is gospel).

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1.    Switch up some of your gear
When we say ‘some’ of your gear, we mean that big, old, heavy ski jacket that you have to wear on the plane because it doesn’t fit in any of your suitcases. That should be the first sign… but if it isn’t enough, you are going to be sweating your ass off in this. More sweating leads to a dehydrated shredder and that leads you to skipping après. Big no no. 


So the jacket is off the list but at least you can wear one of your uni hoodies right? Wrong. If you’ve spent the day riding the park in your average poly-cotton blend hoodie, you’ll know how miserable it can get afterwards at après when you’re freezing your nipples off because your so called “hoodie” turned into a sponge and you’re now carrying around a few litres of the finest glacial waters. Instead we recommend picking yourself up a ‘Technical Riding Hoodie.’ One of these puppies won’t turn you into the next Evian.

They have a few key features which include being rain & snow repellant, having a high neck with oversized hood and also a zippered kangaroo pocket for your valuables. This makes them a perfect lightweight replacement for your ski jacket, never mind the fact that they look damn good hitting both the slopes and the bars. Our friends over at Friski Wear have the perfect option in ‘The Flo’ their riding hoodie.

2.  Bring the essentials

Suncream, sunglasses & water. You are an absolute muppet if you choose not to bring these. That mountain sun will burn even the most seasoned gap yah traveller, no one is safe and no one, I repeat no one looks sexy suffering from sun stroke. Forget these and kiss your night of getting frisky goodbye. 

This goes as far as making sure you have the right layers. Getting your temperature right when skiing will keep you on the mountain longer and the key to this is always layering. That doesn’t mean pile on loads of layers, it means choosing the right ones. A good thermal base layer is key, aside from the fact that if you scope out a cool design it can look absolutely wild when you’re stripping off at après. You should also be able to ski with a good thermal base layer and the tech riding hoodie alone. Once you’ve tried it you won’t look back.


3.  Practice your dance moves

The good thing about dancing in ski or snowboard boots is that you’re free from judgement when it comes to moving your feet. So cutting shapes on the D-floor is best mastered by getting on a table and literally throwing your arms in the air. You’re going to be spending a lot of your time doing this so there is absolutely no harm in making sure you look good while doing it. Ready your beanies and don’t be shy about throwing on a cap, you’ll look good and it’ll stop your head getting sunburnt, which is always a plus. Get creative on this, trust us.  

It’s as simple as that. Now that we’ve given you the how’s how and what’s what of spring skiing you have no excuse, go forth and shred.