A bit of everything in the Alps, but mostly cold!

If you’ve decided to use those lecturer strike days to call an unofficial holiday then good news – the Alps are still in great shape. 

The weather is more changeable than a third year’s dissertation title, with sun, clouds light snow and massive dumps depending on where you’re looking. Some resorts in France saw fresh snow, with 20cm in Tignes being the headline amount, with VT seeing a bit as well. Tough luck if you have booked a trip to the Ecrins though - Les Deux Alpes and Alpe d’Huez missed out. 

It’s going to be gorgeous sun Sunday to Tuesday across the Alps, but get ready to deploy all those layers you’ve been wearing to save on heating back home – it’s looking like temps could go as -20C in the highest resorts.

Wednesday onwards is when it gets real again, with new snow moving in across much of the Alps. Unfortunately those big name French resorts aren’t in line for the motherload of snow, so if you’re looking to venture further afield, head down to the Southern Alps in France and Italy for up to 1m of snow. Keep those fingers crossed the snow gods spare a bit for our favourite resorts though as well!

For those of you down in Andorra, get ready for some bragging rights. After seeing 40cm of snow in the early part of this week, its sun sun sun for a perfect weekend. Plus, 10 jumpers not required. 

Earn your beer pêche.  Photo: Tignes Facebook page

Earn your beer pêche.

Photo: Tignes Facebook page