Freshies forecast for high altitude resorts

Anyone who took advantage of their reading week to sneak on a family trip and undertake some detailed research of their favourite Alpine resort hit the jackpot!

Monday brought 20-50cm of new snow to France and plenty of powder over the past two days. Expect some unbearably smug mates when they get home.

For the rest of us slaving away in the UK and just longing to know what the Alps are doing, there’s been some seriously fluctuating temperatures which risk bringing the dreaded rain to some resorts. Fear not though, stick to those nice high slopes and there will be another powder filled weekend, with up to 30cm of new snow in Avoriaz, Les Deux Alpes and Alpe d'Huez.

Clouds are going to linger like that unwelcome dude at an afterparty until Monday, after which time it’s going to be a week of sunny skies and temperatures only just below freezing. This should lead to some pretty top quality conditions for anyone out in resort.

Down in Andorra, conditions are still on the up, though a bit of rain on Thursday didn’t do wonders for the snow, leaving it pretty heavy and sticky. The weather next week is more up in their air than most final year’s grad job plans, with sun, cloud rain and snow all in the space of seven days.