Storm Eleanor is not messing about!

New Year in the Alps started with a bang! Anyone who’s been in the French resorts this week will have noticed the sound of avalanche mitigation explosions serving as some early morning alarm clocks. If you think storm Eleanor made life interesting in the UK, have a look to the amount of snow that fell in VT:


With great snow comes great avalanche risks so... safety first! Yes that untouched pow may look promising, right up until your mates are calling home from the ambulance explaining your broken bones. So make sure you listen to the resort staff / your reps / your parents.

But enough of that – more snow is on the way! Again! If you thought this week was snow filled, just wait until this weekend. It’s going to begin dumping again on Sunday, but Monday is going to be the big one - more than 1m is going to come down in Tignes and Val D’Isere in 24 hours! By the time the snow clears on Wednesday, there will be enough fresh snow to bury your shortest friend (but don’t actually bury your shortest friend, they’ll be unimpressed). The rest of the week is looking calmer and milder, so fingers crossed you can get some tracks in once all the lifts begin spinning again.

And for those in Andorra – your time has come! After a festive period that was drier than a nun convention, they’re finally getting some of the white stuff along with the rest of Europe over the weekend!

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