How to survive: the 24 hour coach journey

For many students, the thought of a bus journey through the night and day is nearly enough to put you off, or book a flight.

Realistically though, the thought of it is worse than the reality. With these tit-bits of advice, we’ll get you through the hard times!

The big feed

The service stations you stop at won’t always have what you want but you can guarantee they will have inflated prices. There’s nothing worse than being hangry on a 24 hour long coach, so make sure you’ve got all the supplies you need, whether it’s a family bag of crisps (for yourself) or enough chocolate to satisfy Willy Wonka.

.A prayer for all

There’s always one and it's usually a fresher who gets a bit over-excited and boozy, clogging up the bathroom and rendering it out of service at the beginning of the journey. The toilet will inevitably fill up, but do your fellow passengers a favour and try and wait for the service stations. Taking it easy on the beverages isn't a bad idea either.

Bobbing out

Oh, the famed port to port, where you sail from Dover to Calais… and drink a fine few glasses of port accompanied with a delightful selection of cheeses. How sophisticated! Try to keep it down as sea sickness can be a right pain.


Whatever your tipple

Equally as bad as being hungry. The temperature inevitably increases in a packed wagon full of twenty-somethings, and waking up in the night with a mouth dryer than the Sahara is not the one.

Party pooper

The punishment for passing out or falling asleep too early is a marker pen to the face, after all the party starts on the bus! Just be hopeful that the artist in question isn’t too crude. 


Essential: a neck pillow. It’s not a bad idea to bring a blanket either, if you’re gonna be spending 48 hours over the week, give or take, on it – you might as make it as comfortable as humanly possible. Top tip: sleeping underneath the seats is not a wise choice and if you manage to snooze in the gangway, check for spillages first!


Entertainment is key

Whether you meet the love of your life on a round of Take me out, put on an epic ski film or hilarious series, 24 hours is a long time to spend sitting - so come prepared. It's crucial that you have enough tunes, apps and battery life to see you through the journey. If you didn’t already know, Netflix offline is an absolute lifesaver. Download a series or a few films in advance to save your sanity.

Car sick or hungover?

Whatever you do, don’t overdo it. There’s nothing worse than swinging around the mountain corners with a banging head and already feeling the effects of the lurching bus in your now-lurching stomach, thanks to too many road beers.

You made it to resort…

Hopefully in record-time and without the bus breaking down. Now all that's left to do is enjoy a week of skiing before you've got to do it all over again!