Ten Things Not To Miss On Your Ski Trip

The time has come to embark on your uni ski trip, and wherever you venture in the blissful valleys of the pow-drenched Alps, be sure not to miss these essential activities...

Pre-trip social

It has been confirmed that uni ski societies are the best societies, by all of us snow lovers. Who else are you going to make unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships with? Head along to the pre-trip socials and get to know some like-minded snowsports enthusiasts before you head to the mountains.

The Banter Bus

Your trip starts well before you arrive in resort. In fact, the bus is part of the journey. Students challenge each other to port to port, play musical chairs and get to know their fellow room mates aboard the banter bus. Just don't over-do it, no-one is going to thank you if you're the one that gets them turned away at the ferry port.

Cardiff Snowsports

Cardiff Snowsports

First lifts on the first day

You have just travelled 24 hours by bus to go skiing, so why not start the week as you mean to go on? After a well-earned kip in a real bed instead of a bus seat, you should be fresh-faced for first lifts. Your first few runs might take some getting used to, but after a couple of bambi-on-ice episodes you'll be back in the game.

Mountain meal

There is no better way to enjoy the local cuisine than on the side of the mountain with all your beloved snow pals. With copious amounts of wine, cheese and hundreds of rowdy students, there is a high chance of noise, nudity and fun. Try to contain yourself though, plates do not bounce, they smash and you're not at a Greek wedding.

Après ski... every day

You really have no excuse not to attend aprés every afternoon between the hours of 4 and 6pm, when the DJ turns up the music, students clamber onto the tables (with difficulty) and vodka pommes are drunk by the pint. 

©Lucy Pierce

©Lucy Pierce

Valley Rally

The valley rally is the day to unleash your competitive side, band together with your mates and take on your competitors. Entire uni groups race from one side of the mountain to the other, usually in fancy dress, and usually resulting in pandemonium. If you are crowned the winners, you'll be cherished by your society for years to come.

Slalom championships

You did join a sports society rather than a fine ale society, so here is your time to shine for your uni. If you happen to be in resort at the same time as your arch nemesis uni, then this is the day to prove that you are, and always will be, superior!

Fancy dress

From dodgy mankinis and retro onesies to inflated sumo wrestlers, year after year you will see your fair share of classic outfits. Don't be the one that didn't go all out, firstly because that's boring and secondly, because you'll be the odd one out. Prepare your outfits and get creative!

©Lucy Pierce

©Lucy Pierce

Naked picture

A classic kodak moment: find the most beautiful backdrop and pose alongside your mates for this photo album favourite. One word of warning though, choose a location away from the pistes, because some locals aren't particularly keen on seeing students in the buff. 

Loyalty to the society

Wearing all your branded stash is just the beginning of it, looking after the snowsports mascot is essential and rivalry between societies is rife. True supporters will be seen sporting their emblem at all opportunities around resort, and don't forget to slap your stickers everywhere!

All in all, prepare yourself for the wild week with a bunch of fabulous people that will become mates for life. Prepare to create plenty of stories to tell the grandkids, or not if they're not PG.