Types of skier - which one are you?

The Eager Beaver

Always the first in line at first lifts, they hit the hay early because they are in the mountains to ski, why else would they be there?


All The Gear No Idea!

Kitted out from head to toe in top of the range clothing, GoPro attached to their head, ABS kit intact, while they leisurely meander down blue runs.


The First Timer

Caught moaning about all their achey muscles - get a beer, it'll numb the pain!  


The Night (or afternoon) Bird

Surfacing after a long snooze to do a couple of runs (to get to après) and then they're off again, the life and soul of the party. 


The Alcoholic

They wake up still drunk from their night out, take a couple of swigs from their hip flask, hair of the dog, and off they go. 


The Selfie Criminal

Too busy trying to get that perfect insta snap to enjoy their holiday through their own eyes . The mountains are beautiful enough, you don't need a filter!


The Park Rats

Lapping the park until they've nailed their tricks, zipping up and down and soaring over the kickers, bending, flipping, curling and rotating. 


The Ultimate Relaxer

A couple of runs are followed by a coffee break. A few more, then a long lunch break, a couple of afternoon runs are finished off perfectly with some drinks at après. 


The Knowledgable One

Well-seasoned skiers that have all the insider info, the best runs, colouirs , drop ins, powder havens. Hunt them down and follow them! 


Speedy Gonzales

Whipping past you at a hundred miles per hour, you'd think it was the Alpine Ski World Cup. 


The Clumsy One

Probably bruise-ridden after wiping out practically everywhere, trying to get on or off the lift, hitting a mogul, you name it.