Committee Characters

University Snow Sports Committee members come in all shapes and sizes, and they are typically elected from the crowded club due to a few key distinguishing traits, with each position boasting its own individual personalities!

Usually elected due to being a bit of a BNOC (Big Name On Campus), this dude will need to organise the rest of the committee and make sure they’re doing their job! As they will have grown through the ranks over their last few years, they should know everyone and everything there is to know about the club, and their confidence and bravado is key to their position. 

committee image 2.jpg


Although the president has the overreaching power of the club, it has been known that the vice president can end up being the president’s bitch. With organisation and communication skills to match a London accountant, they’ll be stressed all year round but will be able to stay cool, calm and collected to make sure the job gets done.


Known to be the loosest character in the club, this guy or gal will already have a reputation of being the life and soul of the party and will have the responsibility of organising all the socials and events for the club. They’ll be the first at the bar, be reinforcing all the drinking rules for the unassuming freshers and probably keep going until the early hours. Do not try and out drink them, you will lose…

committee image 3.jpg


In charge of the money and finances of the club they’ll have a slightly beiger head on their shoulders but will make sure the club doesn’t go bankrupt and get kicked out of the students union. You might not hear about them as much, but don’t write them off as they’re the backbone of the club and still like to party as much as you!

committee image 4.jpg


In charge of all of the steezy merchandise you can wear whilst shredding, taking snaps of the events and creating the edit for the uni ski trip, they have one of the toughest jobs and have been chosen for their creative flair. Keep an eye out for them with their camera trying to get the best shot and be sure to strike a pose!

These two captains make sure all the competitions go to plan, ensuring all the teams and competitors turn up to the slopes in time and perform to the best of their ability. 
The race captain you’ll see from a mile off, with their streamline skin tight racing suit and serious expression, they’ll be looking to shave off every 10th of a second to get the win, and stop at nothing to get it. The freestyle captain however has a more relaxed approach in both clothing attire and attitude, most likely with a beer or two in hand before the competition has even begun. With their XXXL hoody, super short poles and twin tip skis, they’ll be hard to miss, bringing chill vibes as they drop in for their run.

committee image 5.jpg